How To Make Backyard Climbing Wall


Playing sports and generally having an active lifestyle is something you learn from an early age. When you have kids, you might want to pay attention to this aspect of their development. But what happens when they aren’t attracted to sports or other exercises they commonly see around them or learn about at school? With this tutorial, you will be well prepared! Because you will have the DIY Backyard Climbing Wall at the kids’ disposal. With only 7 feet of height, the wall isn’t dangerous or anything of this manner. It does have 16 feet in width so the fun and exploration aspect is fully covered. Check out the full list of materials required, as well as the full tutorial on how to make a DIY climbing wall in your own backyard. Don’t forget to add an inflatable mattress at the base so the children can climb and jump off the wall without any worries. Let the fun and active lifestyle begin!


DIY Backyard Climbing Wall – Supplies, Tools and Steps

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