How To Make A Zipper Bag


In case of a fabric crisis, you don’t need to panic. Handmade items, like purses, can be fashioned out of almost anything, including zippers. With a clever use of different colors, you can also achieve a creative and lively accessory. Make sure you have:

• 14 pieces of 7 inches zippers of various colors;
• 7 pieces of 22 inches zippers (these will be used for horizontal strips and handles);
• a pair of scissors;
• some straight pins;
• hot glue;

The project uses All Purpose Zippers and 8 steps in making a colorful purse from a bunch of individual zippers. First, you will need to lay out your pattern of creatively weaved zippers on the table, and pin in place, as you see in the image provided. Then, take each side and pin them (temporary) together in place, in order to make the tote. Next, beginning from the bottom corner, use the hot glue to bring the ends together. If there is the need to keep the woven pattern consistent, trim off the ends of some zippers.


Afterward the bottom is completed you can remove the pins from the side. Repeat the trimming process from before as needed. With the zipper pull end on the top and the raw edges under a vertical zipper, weave in the ends and use the glue to hold in place.

Next, the raw edges of the vertical zipper need their top ends to be wrapped over the top horizontal zipper and glued to the inside of your soon-to-be purse. You should now take care of the vertical zippers that are on the inside. Glue their ends to the top horizontal zipper.

Almost done! You only need to cut 2 pieces of zippers to a length of 10 inches and glue them to the underside top edge of the tote. With the remaining scraps of zippers and the hot glue, cover all the raw ends around the inside parameter of the tote. You now are the proud owner of a unique handmade Zipper Purse.

how-to-make-a-zipper-bag-3 Source:  http://coatsandclarksewingsecrets.com

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