How To Make A Silver Ring For 25 Cents



Making your own jewelry is a nice way to give a unique touch to your personal style. Handcrafted jewelries are usually the most beautiful, as they express their owner’s taste and personality in a powerful way. When making your own jewelry, the most important part is to decide what type of material you would like to use. If you would like to make a piece of jewelry that is inexpensive, but classy you can choose sterling silver as a craft supply and create a cute ring. Use sterling silver quarters for your home made ring and a spoon that will help you give shape to your accessory. By using the spoon you will be creating the shape of your ring and it will work well with quarters, as they are very soft and easy to model.


With time and patience you will get the right shape for your ring, after that you only need to do some finishing touches like smoothing the inside so you won’t cut your finger. Make sure to check out the detailed instructions on the next link.





Make a silver ring for 25 cents – All details

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  1. Gary says:

    Pre 1964 quarters would work well for this as they in fact were 90% silver and 10% copper. Although it is just a quarter, at today’s silver prices, it would be worth slightly over $3. Your photo shows a 1937 quarter being used, and a Philadelphia minted 1937 quarter would be worth around the same $3 to a coin collector in good condition. If it happened to be a rare 1937 S minted quarter in fine condition, it’s worth could well exceed $2000, so it is best to check the value first.

    If you were to use a quarter after 1964, those are about 92% copper and 8% nickel, and while worth only 25 cents, we all know what copper does to your finger. 🙂

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