How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit



Playing games has gone a long way since 20 years ago. Computer and console games have invaded the leisure time of many kids, so by the time they are done playing a bunch of screen-hours they are exhausted and don’t want to explore beyond the PC or TV. But if science classes were your favorite in school and you still have a passion for all sorts of experiments, you can offer kids or even adults a chance to be amazed. This next tutorial is going to blow your mind. Did you know that you can build mini rockets at home, using only match tips? First of all you will need a matchbox and the rockets created will reach 40 feet after you shoot them.


All the supplies you will be using fit inside a box of matches, so you can pretty much recreate this experiment anywhere. If you would like to try this with your kids, make sure you don’t leave them unattended with fire and keep an eye on them while trying the experiment. Mini match rockets are much safer than all the crazy ideas you tried out as a kid, such as the Mentos and Coke bottle one, and are more entertaining too. For detailed instructions on how to make the small rockets, watch the next video and amaze your kids with this new trick.

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