How To Make A Half Up Half Down Celtic Knot Hairstyle


If you are tired of braiding your hair the classical way, this tutorial will come in handy for you and will teach you how to make a Celtic braid. It is ideal for any occasion, a simple walk in the park or a fancy party and will surely turn some heads as everyone will be asking you about how to make this nice braid. First of all start with taking a chunk of hair from the left part of your head to make a loop on one side of your hair, like in the picture. Then from the other side, take another section of hair and put it under the loop. Now pull this section of hair under the other one. Make sure to keep it tight in order to look good. Now roll this chunk of hair under the first one, pulling it through the loop, as shown in the picture. Then find the bottom of the loop and pull the two ends to fix the braid. And that is all. Be sure you follow the pictures step by step as they will help you in creating this cute braid.

VIDEO – Celtic Heart Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

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