How To Make 10 Fashion Styles With 5 Items

Fashion Beauty 5 Items 10 Ways

With spring approaching, you have to find out about the latest trends and purchase some of this spring’s most fashionable items. This may be a bit of a pricey process, so instead of buying every outfit you see in the shopping windows, try and buy just a few of the basic items and combine them in creative ways. If you feel you are a little lost when it comes to matching clothing items, don’t worry anymore as the pictures below will show you exactly what you’ll have to do. First of all, you will need 5 basic items for your spring outfit: pink scarf, a button down denim shirt, tank dress with a floral pattern, black or dark denim skinny jeans and a thick belt.

The first look is a great one for a nice dinner in town or for a walk in the city. It is a really simple outfit, you just have to tie the scarf around your waist and make a skirt out of it. Simple and with a great impact. You can also use the scarf to make yourself a dress by tying it around your neck and adding the belt.

Create a country look by wearing the floral dress with the denim shirt on top. Add the belt and some stylish boots and you will have the perfect party outfit. Make a tube top out of the scarf and combine it with the skinny jeans. This is a really sexy look that will bring out your curves and will not go unnoticed. Add a cute and colorful necklace and the outfit is done.

Create a unique dress with the help of the scarf, that will be perfect for an outdoor event. Simply tie the scarf around on of your shoulders add some chic accessories and you’re good to go. To get the chic hippie look, wear the floral dress and then tie the scarf around your waist. Fold the scarf the length you want your skirt to be and belt it. Now all you need is to find the perfect summer festival for you and show off your nice look. On colder spring nights, wear the scarf as a shrug, to cover your back. Wear your floral dress with skinny jeans and don’t forget to take the scarf with you in your bag. Create a tunic out of your scarf, one that will leave your back uncovered. Add the belt and go have a drink in the city with your girlfriends. To make the tunic, tie the scarf around your neck, add fold up the bottom part. At the end just add the belt.

The next look is great is you are looking for the perfect work or school outfit. It’s cute, simple and cozy. Wear the denim shirt with the skinny jeans and add the neon scarf to make the whole outfit more funky. Bring back the vibe of the 80’s by wearing the floral dress with the scarf on top. Fold the scarf to make a vest out of it, tying it around your neck. And that is all, 10 great outfits made out of 5 basic clothing items.

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