How to Grow Potatoes in Containers


Potatoes are one of our basic ingredients, that’s why it is really important to keep an eye on them while growing. You can grow potatoes in different kind of ways, but one of the most common is to grow them in containers. The art of this is quite simple, but still it needs a bit of skill and attention. Growing potatoes in containers is best in case if you don’t have a lot of space, as the containers can be easily placed anywhere. Just make sure that the spot you choose gets enough sunlight, as your potatoes will be needing it. You can make the containers using dustbins or polythene bags. Another important thing is to make sure that the container you will be using has plenty of drainage, but you can always cut some extra holes in it. If the container is transparent you will need something to cover it, as light won’t have a positive effect on your growing spuds. When your container is ready, fill it with compost (4-6 inches). Choose good quality compost as it will benefit your potatoes. Put the tubers into the top of the compost and use only 3. Place compost on the tubers and water it. Your soil should be moist all the time. Your plant will grow, so just keep adding compost to cover it and leave only the top part uncovered. Keep in mind that watering the potatoes is very important, don’t let them dry out, always keep the soil moist. Good luck and enjoy your home grown potatoes!

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