How To Glitterize Your Shoes

Fancy clothes and accessories are a must have piece for every woman. There will always be an occasion where a sophisticated item will be required and it is best to prepare in time. This next amazing DIY project is great for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party and you can spice up a dull pair of shoes with this technique. You can also use this pair of shoes for this year’s Halloween Party and make an unforgettable entrance. You will need a plain pair of shoes and a lot of glitter, but it will be worth the effort. For more details and instructions, please visit the link below as it also contains the entire list of supplies needed for this glamorous accessory. We’ll bet you that everyone will ask you about the name of the designer who created this cool piece.


Dip the brush on the glue and apply it on your shoe. Work it in small sections so the glue doesn’t dry before you reach step 2.

Sprinkle glitter on the section of the shoe with glue. Be generous with it. Shake off the excess.

Repeat the first two steps until both shoes are covered with glitter.

Let the shoe air dry for a few hours (or overnight). Then, use hairspray on the shoes to make the glitter set.



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