How to Easily Make a Mini Foosball Table


Playing is an important part in the development of children and as responsible parents you should pay attention to this component. Every day, there are lots of options of toys and games kids can choose from. Money can be an issue, so it is best you opt for a DIY version of toys you usually find in the stores. Like this DIY mini foosball which is just as fun to play with like the commercial version. With something as simple and ordinary as shoebox and clothespins, you can build the mini field in a under an hour. Grab the following items: a small utility knife, wooden dowels, a sharpie marker, wrapping paper, a ruler, clear tape, a can of spray paint, glue, hot glue gun, ping pong balls (to act as foosballs) and obviously a shoebox & some clothespins. The actual work is pretty simple and you can involve the kids as well, if the mini foosball table is not a surprise though! Follow the tutorial and you will create a similar DIY toy in no time.


DIY Mini Foosball Table…perfect for kids! – Full Tutorial

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  1. Larry says:

    I like this DIY mini foosball because it introduces small kids to the game of Foosball without having to buy a full size commercial version. I am going to look at the tutorial to see what I need to build a mini foosball game for my children.

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