How to Easily Make A Jellyfish in a Bottle


Jellyfishes are beautiful creatures and they have been on this planet for a long time, even before dinosaurs. Due to their very peculiar body structure, jellyfish have a magical aura surrounding them. If your children are as well fascinated by this animal, this craft project is a must try. You will learn how to make a jellyfish in a bottle, using only recycled materials. While getting crafty, you can delight your children with some trivia about jellyfishes so the activity will be both crafty and instructive. For this crafts project, use: a plastic bag (transparent), a plastic bottle, rubber bands, a pair of scissors, thread and food coloring. Cut the sides of the bag and create some fringes to make the jellyfish. Secure the head with rubber bands. Fill a bottle and the head of the jellyfish with water, but make sure you leave air inside, so your jellyfish can float. Add blue food coloring to the water and screw in the cap of the bottle. Your child is going to love this project!

How to make a Jellyfish in a Bottle by craftknowitall .. in 13 steps

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