How To Cut Tomatoes In Just 5 Seconds [VIDEO]


When eating in a restaurant, many of us start to wonder what goes on behind the kitchen’s doors; especially when the food ordered seems to be delivered in a very fast manner. You begin to question if the recipes are truly respected or if the ingredients used are not premade, making the whole experience of eating out more like a fast-food than an actual restaurant. The truth may liy in the tricks of the trade. Not familiar to most of us, chefs or any other person in the kitchen for that matter, resort to time-saving tricks to improve their cooking skills. One such trick is cutting tomatoes in 5 seconds. And we’re not talking about a few tomatoes, but a full plate of them. You too could do this at home! Here is what you need:

• cherry tomatoes (of course);
• a flatten cutting board;
• a long and extremely sharp knife;
• two dessert plates;

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