How To Build The Ultimate Survival Vehicle


Having to deal with survival scenarios includes a lot of things. From growing your own food to building a self-sufficient shelter, the internet has been filled with useful pieces of information about each. But among all the tips provided out there, an Off-road Personal Tracked Vehicle should rank in the top 5. Luckily, we found this important collection of 10 part videos which will guide you along the journey of making your own vehicle. Starting from the plans of the frame to the seating and wheel mechanism, you will learn all there is to know. Important stuff about the steering, the engine and fuel tank positioning, it’s in there. Take the step by step tutorial into the building of this ultimate survival vehicle. Because when the time comes for proving who is fit for survival, you will be prepared!

Watch the series here :

Part 1 :

Part 2:

Part 3:


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