Homemade Smoothie Recipes

A healthy diet bears the marks of some clever use of fruits and vegetables. You don’t need to try experimental mixes of uncooked meat, starving yourself or any of that sort. To stay fresh and healthy, some creative homemade smoothies will definitely make the difference. Abundant with vitamins, these types of delicious drinks will give you the boost you need throughout the day whilst keeping a careful eye to your waistline. Many mixes of vegetables and fruits are recommended so you ingest not only the vitamins but also the essential minerals. Combinations that involve oatmeal will prove rich in protein as well.


There are lots of tips you can learn, like using yoghurt if you usually consume dairy, or replacing ice with frozen fruits – you want to get only energy from your smoothies, not plain water. Read the DIY smoothies recipes provided here and trust us you won’t regret one sip!

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