Homemade Puff Paint Idea

When painting in the normal and regular old fashion way, one might get bored; especially if there is a kid involved. They are full of energy and at a point, doodling with crayons becomes outdated. That’s why we suggest you try this creative DIY activity. It will not only give children a sure amount of fun, but it can also improve your interior design. So, learn how to make puffy paint with some simple materials and the help of a microwave. Combine the following in a little bowl:

• 1 tablespoon self-raising flour
• a few little drops of food colouring
• 1 tablespoon salt
• some water;
• brush and cardboard;


Prepare bowls for the various colors you want to use in your paint works. Add the water over the ingredients above, for each of the color. Take the brush and let your creativity run wild. Remember you will need a rather thick sheet of cardboard, so the puffy paint can expand properly. When your (or your kid’s) masterpiece is complete, pop it in the microwave for a maximum of 30 seconds at high setting. It’s done!

source: melissagoodsell.typepad.com

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