Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest (And Most Magical) Hair Trend Of 2020

Each year comes with unique trends when it comes to style, design, and beauty, and holographic hair is this year’s hottest hairstyle trend.
If you ever wished to look like a magical creature or feel like a mermaid, then holographic hair will suit you perfectly. To get the rainbow effect in your hair, you will have to use metallic shades or pastel colors.
The technique used by professionals si called hand-pressed coloring and the hairstylists use a Plexiglas sheet to which they add the colors and press the hair onto the glass. The entire process is repeated several times with different shades applied to small sections of hair.

This technique leaves a lot of space for experimenting, so the outcome is always one of a kind. There are not a lot of stylists out there who managed to master this trick, but Chiala Marvici is one of them and she is planning to teach the secrets behind holographic hair to others too.
An important thing to keep in mind before deciding to dye your hair this way is that it will only look this spectacular on blond or light hair. It can also work if you are willing to bleach your hair, but this has other long-term implications too.
So make sure that you are well-documented before making an appointment at your stylist and asking them to transform you into a magical creature.




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