Herb Infused Compound Butter Recipe


Giving an extra taste of flavor to your regular recipes may not be as complicated as some cooking shows want you to think. Sometimes it can be as simple as mixing a few herbs into your compound butter. Besides the fact you can use delicious butter in plenty of dishes like wilted spinach, sweet potatoes, steam cauliflower or even steak, you will likely be able to have a tastier breakfast or quick snack with the herb-infused compound butter on a few slices of bread. Just make sure the butter is not entirely melted, but soften to the point you can easily mix it with your desired herbs. Follow the instructions provided. The total time of the whole process is no more than 10 minutes. There are variations of the flavors you can achieve so be sure you check them out as well. Enjoy!

See the easy recipe below..
Herb Infused Compound Butter Recipe

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