Head in a Jar


This next DIY project will be perfect for the upcoming Halloween! And it’s so easy to make that even kids can get involved into the entire process. Like you see in the pictures, the Head in a Jar project will be as scary as it can get! So before you set up the prank, make sure no one that will interact with it could get health issues from it. As far as materials and tools go, you will need a large jar, bond paper, food coloring, a digital camera, photo editing software, a printer and paper lamination. Once all these are ready, you can read the tutorial from the next website. The process isn’t that intricate, but requires, as you might have noticed, a bit of computer skills. If you’re not that savvy in this area, you can ask a teenager to aid you in the process. At the end of this DIY project, the head in a jar strategically placed in the fridge will yield some good scares!

Step 1: Take photos + import Head-in-a-Jar-02


Step 2: Adjust levels + align images Head-in-a-Jar-04

Step 3: Crop profile Head-in-a-Jar-15


Step 4: Erase profile edge Head-in-a-Jar-06

Step 5: Copy profile Head-in-a-Jar-07

Step 6: Merge and resize Head-in-a-Jar-08

Step 7: Save file + print + Laminate



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