Handmade Decoration Shaped Like a Poppy Flower

handmade decoration in the shape of a poppy flower

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Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • Candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • Red fabric (needs to be 100% polyester)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery thread in black

As they are adaptable to any arrangement style, the floral models have been present in the interior design since hundreds of ages and they are still in top. The floral models are of a diversity of colors and textures that create a strong visual impact.

We can integrate such a decor in the dwelling space by using textiles, wallpapers, tapestries and decorative objects. When you want to refresh the decoration of a room, confidently use the red color to make some changes. The important pieces of furniture may stay the same as they are expensive and hard to be replaced.

The red accents, especially the red floral models, are perfect to strengthen the vintage style and to project the contemporary interiors. Of a vibrant red, the poppies are the most suitable flowers to realize a floral decor. The prints with red poppies are versatile decorations suitable in all seasons and for all interior decorations.

The red poppies embellish any room, no matter if they are used in decorating the wall, the furniture or the accessories. In the bedroom, you may use a customized wallpaper that can be applied on the wall next to the bed. The daring graphic removes the need of a plywood at the end of the bed. The poppies can be painted between the shelves of a library too, for example. You may also sprinkle some color on the rug from the living or on the table cloth from the kitchen. The poppy model can be also applied in the bathroom as a mosaic.

The strong color of these flowers can be associated with pink or purple tints to create a romantic setting, with blue to appease the intensity of the first color, or with orange and yellow tints to make a warm and bright decor. Associated with black and white, red brings about balance and elegance to the space.

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