German Teenager Creates Amazing Hairstyles That Look Like Intricate Crochet Patterns

Who knew you can create art out of hair? This German teenager is taking hairstyle to the next level, creating intricate braids and patterns.
17-year-old Milena is becoming an Instagram sensation with her amazing braids and she uses a mannequin head to showcase her work. The patterns come in a wide variety from flowers to classic braids and even crochet patterns.
Milena uses hairstyle to express her inner artists and she is self-thought which makes this even more incredible. Even though her hairstyles seem impossible to recreate at home, she prepared lots of tutorials on how to make amazing flower braids, simple buns, and even a 3D braid that has become everyone’s favorite. Make sure to follow her on Instagram so you don’t miss out on new ideas and tutorials. And who knows, maybe with a lot of practice and patience you can style your hair in an awesome braid for this year’s Christmas dinner.

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