Great Way To Recycle Old Watches


Old accessories are valued not only for their workability but also for their level of craftsmanship. Over the years, one of these two elements is bound to break down eventually. In the case that happens, don’t succumb to panic, because you can still save the accessory and use it in a good way. Take these old watches for example. When their clock systems broke down, the owners did not throw them away and didn’t even replace the original mechanism with a new one. Instead, they reused them in a very creative way. Some might even consider this DIY project a brilliant recycling method for old watches. Either way, turning a vintage watch into a wearable frame for a small photo is a lovely way to pay homage to both an old item and a person. Imagine you have a watch gifted by a long lost relative and you still want to cherish its memory in a way. So, you don’t leave the watch rusting away in a drawer or basement, but place a photo of that relative in the place where the functional clock once was. Take this DIY project as example and start turning your old accessories into new ones!

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3 Responses to "Great Way To Recycle Old Watches"

  1. Aunty Kat says:


  2. Natalie in OKC says:

    What a great idea! I’m always seeing cute watches at thrift stores (and bringing them home far too often for my own good). Problem is I use my cell phone to tell time now. This is a great way to still make good use of those impulse purchases. Thank you.

  3. jana says:

    I love the idea. But, I would also like the instructions. Its a good idea. And a great gift idea, but if you do not know how to do it, Its just that. A great idea.

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