Gig Pack: Scooter Backpack by Gustavo Brenck


When buying a backpack, most of the people want something practical and comfortable for their back. The shape and design are equally important, but did you ever wish for a backpack that takes the whole concept to a next level. The creative designer, Gustavo Brenck, from Belo Horizonte Brasil has created this awesome backpack that converts into a scooter/skateboard. You can simply take it off your back, unpack it and you have a cool vehicle that you can carry on your back afterwards. Having this backpack is a huge advantage as you can avoid using public transport and still have enough space to store your things. The whole design was created for everyday use and the concept includes the use of high quality aluminum and very resistant nylon that can support up to 100 kilos of weight. The product only exists as a concept for the moment, but soon you will be able to buy this amazing creation. Foldable-Backpack-Scooter-1

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