Furry Nails Are The Latest Nail Trend. How Does It Look ?


There is a very peculiar trend this season, called furry nails. And yes, it is exactly what the name suggests, nails with furs on them. It may seem a very odd choice at a first glance, but they were a huge hit at the New York Fashion Week. If you search the Internet for furry nails, you will be surprised of how many options you can find. So if you too are into this unusual trend, you will find a lot of inspiration for furry nails on the web. For instance, just take a look at these emerald green nails on the link below. Don’t they just remind you of freshly cut grass or your front yard? Maybe you should bookmark this idea for this year’s Halloween party, as it would be the only suitable event of the year to appear at with such a weird nail-art. Tell us what you think about this new furry nails trend!

Here’s 10 exemple of  Furry Nails

1. Emerald green


2. 3D troll dolls nail art

Furry-Nails-2 source

3. Ladies love it?

Furry-Nails-3 source

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