Funny Creative Woman Hats


Winter is going to be here pretty soon, so you should prepare in time for the cold weather. This means, buying a lot of yarn and start crocheting as soon as possible. You could argue, that this can take up a lot of time and it’s much easier to buy the accessories you need from a store. But keep in mind that making your own things is more original and you will get to be unique this way, as no one will have the same things as you. So here is a selection of funny hats that will keep you both warm and stylish this winter. You will find a selection of animal shaped hats, such as the giraffe hat or the bunny hat. But for those of you, who feel really courageous, you should definitely try and crochet the Minion shaped hat. It is perfect for children and adults too and it will give a unique twist to any boring outfit. It is also a great Halloween costume idea, as you will only need a piece of blue overall, yellow face paint and you will become a real Minion.





Funny-hats-5 source: vk.com


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