Funny ‘Baby Loading’ Maternity Shirts


Being pregnant is and should be a proud moment in every woman’s life. The days when a lady had to cover herself in other to hide the increased body size are long passed. So how can you show you’re proud that you’re pregnant? With a simple and fun t-shirt! Funny isn’t a prerequisite, but it’s better if there’s an amusing message on the shirt, like Baby Loading. All of the generation growing up with a computer knows what a loading screen is, so you won’t have any issues in this aspect. There are plenty of models to pick within this theme, just look at the examples we found. You can buy this kind of t-shirt off the internet, like Etsy, or just make the t-shirt at a local print shop. If you take the latter option, the degree of freedom to customize is a lot higher. So be careful what you choose in order to get exactly what you want.

Baby-Loading-t-Shirt-1 source: BabyBoomApparel – Etsy






source: Amazon

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