Frozen Fruit Recipe

In the summer it’s nice to cool yourself with some cold drinks. That chilly sensation it gives you on the interior of your body is something you will cherish during those sweaty days. But have you ever thought about spicing these drinks up a big and place some special ice cubes in them? Well if not, than take a look at these pictures and they will surely give you some great ideas. For instance, when you prepare the ice cubes, instead of putting just plain water in the cube holders you can add some fruits to create new flavors. You can use blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to make ice cubes with a new taste.


You can even eat these fruits frozen as they will be a nice cooling touch to hot summer days. You can also make frozen bananas and combine them with ice cream. Another great idea is to prepare a big bowl of lemonade and add these fruity ice cubes to make lemonade with different flavors. It is a simple recipe, but you can make some many great things by only using frozen fruits as the basic ingredient. Besides their great taste, these frozen fruit ice cubes look nice too, so you are encouraged to serve them at garden parties too. They will most certainly be popular among your guests.


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