Food Steering Wheel Tray


This next gadget is perfect for those who travel a lot or have a job that keeps them on the road for long periods. It’s a car laptop/eating desk, that can be installed just under your steering wheel and used while resting. This gadget can transform your car in a small diner or office in an instant. In case you need to answer some urgent e-mails while on the road, just pull over, install the laptop desk and write those e-mails from a comfortable position. This is also true whenever you get hungry and want to grab a quick bite. Just use the desk and serve your meal without spilling coffee or sauce in your lap.

The Zone Tech Car Laptop and Food Steering Wheel Tray

Food-Steering-Wheel-Tray-1 It’s a most convenient and practical tray with multifunctional uses; a quick snack, breakfast tray, kids meals, coffee holder and more.

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