Flip-It Cap System


The revolutionary Flip-It! cap system makes getting the last of those stubborn, thick liquids out of your bottles fast, easy and fun.  Let’s take an example: ketchup bottles. Once you consume 3/4 of the bottle it will be really hard to squeeze of the rest of the ketchup. As it’s the same story with so many other things, such as detergent, cleaning products and honey. But there is a simple solution to this problem. Use a plastic cap that you place on each bottle and flip these upside down. This way the content of the recipient will flow down and you will be able to squeeze out every drop. Always store the bottles upside down and make sure the cap is closed when you are not using them, so you won’t make a mess. Now that you know this simple little trick, you can purchase several caps for every bottle in your home and get the last drop of every product. This product is available  here…

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