Farmers Are Using Flamethrowing Tractors To Get Rid Of Weeds And Pests

Pests and weeds are the banes of existence for any gardener. So finding new solutions in dealing with them has become more and more frequent, but this next one is truly unusual. It seems that flame-throwing tractors are the new thing when it comes to getting rid of weeds and pests and organic farmers cannot get enough of them. By using this technology, the land is first cleaned of harmful organisms and left clean so crops can be planted afterward.
Before you say that this sounds crazy, as burning the land won’t do any good, let’s find out more about how it works. The secret behind the flame-throwing tractors is that they do not set fire to weeds directly, they just destroy the structure in the leaves of the weed. This stops the process of photosynthesis and the weeds do not grow any further.

The biggest advantage of this type of pest-prevention is that the weeds are destroyed from their roots, as the flames will prevent them from growing further. The process is also quick and pesticide-free, so it is a big asset if you want to have an organic farm that is chemical-free.

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