Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Learn how to sew your own unique and eco-friendly shopping bags!  Protecting Nature is somewhat of a normal thing during our times. But with all of the consumer culture around us, it is difficult to really appreciate the stuff done with care and a real concern for the safety of the environment. An eco-friendly tote bag is a perfect example. This step by step tutorial is all you need in order to transform a simple idea into a cute DIY product. Bear in mind you may need a sewing machine to make everything like it’s shown on the website. The pattern used here is one with cacti but you can obviously use anything you want. The process, as you can see, is quite simple, especially if you’ve already done some sewing before. Surely you will get lots of compliments from people. When you’ll tell them it’s an eco-friendly tote bag, they will praise you even more!


Sewing Tutorial: Shopping Bags DIY.


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