Easy DIY: Decorate a Vase with Split Peas

Decorating a vase can seem a bit hard and one would think that it requires many skills, but the truth is, it’s not that complicated at all. A vase can spice up any room as it will not only look nice, but with some fresh flowers in it, can bring a whole new color to a space. Vases with spikes seem to be cool these days that is why you should try and make one yourself. The fun thing is that you will be creating the spikes with the help of split peas. To create a spiked vase, you will need:

• split peas (yellow or green);
• hot glue gun;
• a plain vase;
• spray paint (any color you like);


You can use a vase that you already have at home and don’t like anymore. This way you will be saving money and recycling. Read all details, step by step..in the link below..

Make Hobnail Vases with Split Peas – Crafty Moods

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