Easy DIY Crop Top

Fashion is not only for design geniuses or eccentric divas! Before there was F TV or walkway models, every person with an eye for detail and a creative mind, could make a nice piece of clothing. Nowadays, it’s even much more easier, because you have a lot of items you can transform and reuse. So, we present you this simple tutorial on how to make a stylish and fashionable top from an ordinary one. You will only need:

• a pair of scissors;
• a white (preferably elastic) top;

The technique is quite easy and the photos provided should guide you through the whole process. Take the scissors and begin cutting the material from the back of the top. Then, fashion a vertical section in the front in order to get some sort of a vest out of it. Now, you could wear it in the way shown in the picture. Congrats, now you’re a successful designer!


source: a pair and a spare

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