Dogs are Born with Ears and Tails. They Should Get to Keep Them

Pet owners should always keep in mind what is best for their companion and not what nonsensical trend they should follow when it comes to grooming and not only. That’s why painful practices like tail docking and ear cropping should be prohibited, as these can traumatize a dog forever.

After the publication of a new study, the results show that almost half of Americans think that some dog breeds have pointy ears by nature. Which means they are not aware of horrific procedures, such as ear cropping.
They are most confused by boxers and Dobermans, as they automatically identify them as long-eared. The only motive behind the amputation of the ears and tail is the aesthetical ones as they have no health benefits, for instance.

The study also showed that some respondents might be aware of these practices they just tend to ignore them because they present an uncomfortable truth. These painful procedures are usually done without anesthetics, by cutting off blood circulation to the tail and wait for it to fall off. Ear cropping is also extremely painful, as dogs are forced to wear tape for months for their ears to get used to their new shape and stand up. But dogs evolved this way because each body part has its use and ears and tails allowed dogs to communicate with each other.

Euphemistically called tail docking and ear cropping, they are amputations of necessary body parts to make them aesthetically pleasing to their owners.

Study author Katelyn Mills thought the lack of awareness of survey respondents may be somewhat intentional.

“People disconnect themselves from things if they find it uncomfortable,” she told the Washington Post. “They don’t want to know about it.”

Studies have shown that dogs with cropped ears and missing tails are more aggressive and it is harder for them to create social bonds with other dogs. Such inhumane practices should not be encouraged anymore, and one should always keep in mind the well-being of the pet.

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