DIY Swirly Paper Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and fresh ones can’t really replace those which are fake. But fresh flowers are most beautiful in nature or when they are planted in a pot. If you still want to have a vase of flowers in your home, there are a lot of creative alternatives to this. For instance you can make flowers out of paper. They won’t be scented as the real ones, but they will be colorful and you will be preserving nature. To make paper flowers you will need:

• a few sheets of colored paper (green, purple, red, orange and blue);
• a pair of scissors;
• glue;


Cut strips of colored paper, around 2 inches wide. Fold it as shown in the picture, to make one part of the flower. Cut the strips in order to create fringes and swirl. Cut another strip of paper to swirl it and make the bottom of the flower. Use the green paper for this ans secure with glue. Take another strip and wrap it around the previous one, which is the stem. Take another strip of green paper and fold it just like in the pictures. Unfold this piece of paper and you will get the grass that you’ll glue to the stem. You can make as many colors as you want and create a nice bouquet of flowers.


Swirly-Paper-Flowers-3 more details: instructables.com

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