DIY: Super Quick Potato Peeling


If you ever find yourself in the situation of having to use a lot of boiled potatoes for the meal or your event, here is a nice trick to use in order to quickly peel the potatoes. Even though it sounds counter-productive, replace the conventional peeler with a sharp knife! Don’t be alarmed, that’s not the entire trick. You will need a bit more work, involving a pan, water and the cooker. First, take your potatoes and run the blade around the middle; be careful not to go deep, but through the skin only slightly. Then put them all in the pan and add some boiling water over. Next, let them to boil, run the pan under some cold water after you’ve removed them from the cooking pan. Now just use your fingers to peel the halves of skin off the potatoes. Watch the video to see all this in action and use the trick whenever you need.

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