DIY Rainbow Fan



The summer heat can be a real pain if you don’t have some technology to fight it off. A fan is the easiest way you can achieve this. But most of the times, a simple fan is also a boring fan. The plain white or black fan will provide with breezes of (recirculated) air, but it won’t make the day more fun. That’s why we suggest you try this nice DIY project. How to make a rainbow fan is nothing too complex. You only need some paint and a few colorful stripes. So if you want the summer months to be both cold and colorful, then read the steps carefully and turn your regular fan into a rainbow fan. Also, good to remember that this process can be just as easily done to a ceiling fan. So ponder no more on the decision and begin this creative DIY work right away. Good luck!

DIY-rainbow-fan-1 source: pinkstripeysocks.com

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