DIY Quick Clay Owl

Doing DIY crafts is sometimes frustrating because of the constant struggle for new ideas. You challenge yourself to make designs and projects in order to impress others, but now always intricate means success. We suggest yor resort to simplicity once in a while. The following DIY project is exactly that. DIY-Quick-Clay-Owl

The Quick Clay Owl doesn’t complicate your existence with many instructions or a list of materials; you need clay and a sense of dimension or creativity. You can make use of common objects, like a marker, in order to help you in shaping the final result, but other than your hands, this project doesn’t require anything more. Check out the photos if you want to make a similar shape of an owl, but your imagination is the only limit. Involve the kids as well, to make them interested in crafts and DIY. Good luck and remember simpler is sometimes better!


Craft Modeling Clay

How To Make a Quick Clay Owl – Instructions by 4crazykings.blogspot

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