DIY Potting Table


Do you feel spring comes and you aren’t properly prepared for all of the potting you want to do? A potting table inspired from Pottery Barn could be just the answer for your stress. The vintage style given to the table by the beautiful wheels and hooks will make the entire piece of DIY furniture look good in your home’s design. Find all of the details required for making a proper potting table like the one featured in the photos. Everything from the dimensions of the screws to the type and measurements of the wood involved in the process, you will find here. Learn how and when to use oils and other solutions on the materials in order to give them the look similar to one you would fine in the Pottery Barn. This DIY project is suitable even for beginners, because it is so comprehensive and the images will prove a helpful guideline. Find all of this and extra tips on the build in the link below. Good luck on your work!


Dimensions and Cut List for a Pottery Barn Inspired Potting Table – Tutorial

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