DIY Pet Coat Pattern


Taking care after your pet doesn’t only mean cleaning the litter box or putting food in the bowl. It also involves looking for ways to offer the highest amount of comfort for your little friend whenever possible. This definitely includes times when you’re going for a walk. A DIY pet coat is a perfect project for you to do at home and get the desired results. The next project will show you all you need to know and do in order to make a coat from whatever material you or your dog likes. The pattern can be applied when finished to any material, but first of all you need to begin with the measurements. All you’ll need is a pen, a ruler, a paper bag and a pair of scissors. Follow the photo-guided tutorial and after a couple of hours tops (your dog won’t let you work quietly, that’s for sure), you will end up with a brand new pet coat!

DIY Pet Coat Pattern – Tutorial by SewDoggyStyle

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