DIY Paper Pyramid Gift Box

Making decorations can be tiring but after you spent hours on fashioning a unique accessory or piece of decoration, you can’t wrap it nicely. Even if you didn’t made that object yourself and you might have bought it from the shop, wrapping a gift in something beautiful and creative shows you care. In order to make this type of pyramid paper gift box, you will have to grab these materials:

• sheets of colored paper;
• scissors;
• ribbon;
• hole puncher;
• bone folder;


The trick to this sort of box is the shape in which you must cut the paper. Look at the image for guideline as you fashion the round angled plus shape. Then, pay attention to where you should score, leaving you with a square base for your box. Punch a hole in each of the 4 sides of your pyramid and fold it together along the scored lines. Place your gift inside and tie your creative DIY box together with a ribbon. Wonderful!

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