DIY Paper Plate Lamp

Want to make some changes in your room and don’t know where to start? As a first step you can try and change only small things, so you will be able to adapt to the change much easier. Small things include decoration elements such as pillows, vases, photo holders and even lamps. So if you want a new lamp instead of buying something expensive, try this next DIY project and make your own lamp out of paper plates.


You will only need a few paper plates, a lamp base and some hot glue gun and your new lamp will be ready in less than an hour. You can also paint the plates if you want, but if you prefer a more minimalistic style just leave them as they are. You can place the lamp near your bed or on a shelf, it will look great anywhere. This is a really cool project if you are looking for ways to recycle and be more environmentally friendly. You can also make this lamp together with your children, as it is very easy to make. Spend a fun afternoon doing arts and crafts and teach them how important it is to recycle. Good luck!


lamp-from-paper-plates-2more details:  Creadoo – Designer Lamp From Paper Plates

Manual as a PDF file download.

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