DIY Paper Pinecone Ornament


Christmas is not only an occasion for making thoughtful gifts to your loved ones but also an opportunity to show off your DIY skills and put your creativity to good use. If you’re in the mood of making your own decorations this year, than you’re in luck because we have just the project for you to try. The paper pinecone ornament will easily improve the aspect of your Christmas tree and transform the overall decor of your home for the better. With as little as festive themed paper cardboard, a ruler or any kind of measuring device, cutter, a Styrofoam egg ball, pins, glue, some embellishments like a leaf or plastic snowflake, and a piece of ribbon, you could be very well making a lot of these handmade pieces which resemble actual pinecones, but with different colors. This DIY project is fun to make and could definitely involve the whole family.

Paper Pinecone Ornament – The Hybrid Chick (tutorial)

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