DIY Owl Box Decorated


Turning a regular boring plastic box into a fun and cute toy box is only a DIY step away. Actually, there are a few steps involved in the process, but it starts with the intention of improving the design and ultimately the feel of something children will use for a considerable time. The project showcased here features a cute pink owl, but you could make any design you want. To make this DIY toy box you need the foam sheets. The other materials you can easily get from the leftovers in your home, like an ice cream box. Use a drawn template to cut the sheets and adhesive to stick the entire thing onto the box.

box-decorating-2 box-decorating-1

Be creative in your project and make the most cute or awesome thing in the world. And if you want to have more fun in the whole DIY adventure, get your kid involved in the drawing and gluing of the animal model. Either way, be sure to have their opinion on the design before you start the project itself. Read in the link below more details..

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