DIY Newborn Envelope Blanket


Having the right clothes for newborns can be tricky. Not that the adorable babies won’t like the color or model of the items, they’re too little for that. It’s just about the right function in combination with size, because most times you would want to keep them warm but also not carry a bunch of sweaters or blankets. That’s why the Newborn Envelope Blanket will prove perfect! You no longer need to worry about loose ends of the blanket that covers your little one. This clever piece of DIY baby clothing has the perfect slots for feet and a simple mechanism that makes it fit around the bodies of newborns. With one of these items, preparing your kid for a trip in the car will never be so fast. Get your free template from the following website and make your own today! 


FREE PDF Pattern. 0-4 months & PDF Pattern 4-6 months

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