DIY Natural Beauty Organic Make Up

Applying make-up regularly can damage your skin and create all sorts of complications. If you are tired of using products full of harmful chemicals it’s time to treat your skin better and start making your own organic cosmetics. This is the most inexpensive way to make a stock of quality products that will have a positive impact on your health. In order to create your own beauty line, you don’t have to go further from your kitchen, as you will find the majority of the supplies there.


Use arrowroot as a base for powders, such as eye shadows, cocoa powder for face powder and activated charcoal for your home made mascara. You can also purchase small recipients in which you can store your organic cosmetics and print out some cute labels to place on these. Below you will find a great chart that will explain you how to make your own beauty products and will provide you some additional information about ingredients that need to be avoided, such as Parabens.

DIY Cosmetics Solutions That Are More Than Skin-Deep

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