DIY Microwave Potato Chips


You might think the microwave is not the perfect medium for making a good dish, but this recipe for potato chips will prove you wrong. Take the opportunity and save a lot of money on bags of potato chips you acquire from the supermarket. Make your own Chips right at home with this useful recipe. Grab some potatoes and a microwave oven and get started. It only takes a few minutes to turn a regular bulky potato into a slim and crisp chip. Your snack breaks will always have a supply of healthy Chips. Yes, you read that right – healthy! Because making DIY Chips will give you control on what you put onto the final product. No chemicals or other unpronounceable ingredients. You can even turn your batch of chips into sweet snacks, with the help of some apples. Read the instructions provided in the link and enjoy your future snacks! You’re welcome! The full recipe of Microwave Potato Chips can be found here.


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