DIY Macrame Owls


Having a unique piece of accessory, especially a DIY accessory, will not only make a beautiful addition to your style but also set you apart, making a statement for all the fashion brands and trends out there. Trying to look authentic while still being competitive on the fashion market is a real challenge. The next tutorial is not intricate but it isn’t that easy. You will find the photo guide a great help in the whole DIY process. Following the instructions for making the knots, crosses and holding the cords, will slowly transform into a cute and artistic owl for you to wear on your neck. If you become confident in working in this manner, you can even gift some to your friends and -why not- later on, sell a few of them. There are a bunch of colors you can experiment with. Have a try!

1 Micro Macrame Tutorial: A Retro Owl Pendant


DIY-macrame-owls-7 tutorial here…

2. All Natural Owl

DIY-macrame-owls-3 tutorial here…

3. RainBow Macrame Owl Necklace

DIY-macrame-owls-4 tutorial here…  or finished here…

4. Large Sky Blue Macrame Owl

DIY-macrame-owls-5 source Etsy…


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  1. Want to see instructions on macrame owl pens

  2. Leonor Santiago says:

    I would like to see a tutorial for macrame iuse to make a lots of stuff in macrame years ago that use to be one of mu hobbies thank you

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