DIY Lovely Crochet Lace Shorts (FREE Pattern)



If you are in search of a unique pair of hot pants for this summer, then making them yourself would be a great option. This way you can make sure the pants will fit you perfectly and you can shape them any way you like. For instance, here’s a great tutorial of how to make a nice pair of crochet lace shorts. They are so cute and great for a hot summer days. You will find some useful diagrams below that will help you make these pants, but be prepared to work hard for them as it’s not the easiest tutorial.


You will need cotton yarn and crochet hooks and lots of patience. But once they will be ready, you will have a unique pair of pants that you can proudly wear at this year’s summer festivals. You can even make several pairs in different colors, so you can easily match them to any accessory or pair of shoes.


Crochet Lace Shorts (Free Pattern) – DougTheWookie

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