DIY Lace Cuff Tutorial


Each bride is beautiful and unique in her own way, but if you big day is fast approaching and you just couldn’t find the perfect accessory to match your dress, here is a great idea. Search no more, as you can always make your own accessories and as you already know, handmade is better. This beautiful lace-style bracelet is going to be the statement piece of your outfit. You can search for inspiring pictures on the internet if you want to spice the bracelet up a bit, or just create the one from the pictures. In both cases, you will need: pearls, gemstones, lace (measure it to fit your wrist), needle and thread (in the color of the materials used), gemstone glue, a clasp. If your lace isn’t the exact color you want, you can dye it by dipping it in tea. Then arrange the pearls on the lace and when you get the perfect look, start to sew them in place. Apply the gemstones too and then sew the clasp on the back on the lace. The result will be a classy vintage bracelet, perfect for your wedding day.


DIY Lace Cuff Tutorial – French Wedding Style

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