DIY Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial


Knitting is an activity that needs a lot of patience and attention to detail, and maybe it is not suitable for everyone. But there are some much simpler aspects of knitting, that don’t require that much of skill. For instance, finger knitting is such an alternative. If you follow some simple steps you will be able to create a beautiful finger knitted bracelet. Just choose the fabric that you will be using to make the bracelet and follow a few easy steps. The bracelet will be ready in 5-6 minutes and you can wear it to any outfit as it matches both elegant and more casual ones too. They are perfect for summer festivals and even for the seaside, as you can easily step into the water without removing them from your wrist. In case it gets ruined in time, you can always make another one, as it is very easy and takes no time at all. You can also surprise your girlfriends with such a bracelet as it is a nice and fun gift!

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  1. Amoy lily says:

    Wonderful tutorial!! Love it. You are very intelligent.

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