DIY How to Knit An Infinity Scarf On a Loom

You too want to have that stylish infinity scarf every other girl has nowadays? Since handmade stuff is growing in popularity with each passing month, you’re bound to learn how to make a scarf like that in no time. Usually, the internet is full with crocheting tutorials like that. But if standard crocheting is scaring you, won’t you rather use a loom as a helping tool? Even though the loom is usually used by experienced knitters, with the photo guided tutorial you found here, it will be quite easy to succeed in making an adorable infinity scarf. For the project you will need: measuring tape, wool of your preferred color, a pair of scissors, a basic plastic knitting loom and a yarn needle. Now gather all of your confidence, take a look over the instructions and begin knitting. Good luck! Infinity-Scarf-On-A-Loom-tutorial


Materials needed:


  • 2 skeins of chunky yarn – I used Lion Brand Hometown USA yarns for these – the yarn pictured here is Cheyenne Wild Iris
  • knitting loom with at least 20 pegs (this is the set I’m using!)
  • yarn needle
  • loom hook
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • The scarves shown in this instructable are made on 15 pegs and are 40-50 inches of knitting long.


If you choose to use variegated yarn, you’ll have just enough for the scarf with two skeins – around 130 yards of yarn. If you choose a solid yarn you’ll have closer to 160 yards of yarn per two skeins, so you can increase the number of pegs to 20 and keep the length of the knitting between 40-50 inches to make a thicker scarf.

Infinity-Scarf-On-A-Loom-tutorial-3 Round Plastic Knitting Looms (available here)


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